One of our newer hobbies is photography. Photographs have the ability to rekindle memories like nothing else. They are truly worth a thousand words. We are just learning, but enjoy taking pictures which seem to mostly involve our children. This page highlights some of our fondest memories at the Lake Weiss. Come make your own memories at Chesnut Bay and The Treehouse.
treehouse_021209006013.jpg treehouse_021209006012.jpg treehouse_021209006011.jpg treehouse_021209006010.jpg treehouse_021209006009.jpg treehouse_021209006008.jpg treehouse_021209006007.jpg treehouse_021209006006.jpg treehouse_021209006005.jpg treehouse_021209006004.jpg treehouse_021209006003.jpg treehouse_021209006002.jpg treehouse_021209006001.jpg
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